Laundry detergent buying guide - Good Housekeeping Institute- non biological washing powder brands washing powders ,Powders designed for coloured laundry do not contain a bleaching agent. Packet sizes vary from about 1.76kg to 2.4kg and you should get anywhere from 22 - 30 washes for that.Biological washing powders do NOT cause skin allergies ...Biological washing powders do not aggravate eczema, doctors said last night. British researchers said the widely-held view that the enzyme-enhanced detergents are harsher on the skin is a myth.

How to know if a washing powder contains bleach or not ...

Feb 05, 2008·Hannah if the label says do not bleach It simply means don't use bleach on them But to be safe use a non bio washing powder Most biological powders have built in stain removers 0 0 Tabatha

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